About Us

Kooly 1970 Ltd. specializes in marketing of quality products for trailers and truck. We also operate a tire-filling plant, using technologies and materials developed by the world’s leading company in tire-filling and flat-proofing systems. We have been exclusively representing some of the best manufacturers in these fields for over 15 years.

Our products are approved by the Ministry of Transportation and meet all the required standards. Kooly’s management has several decades of experience in the Israeli heavy automotive industry and is well-connected throughout the country.

We supply trailer parts to practically all of the trailer manufacturers and large transportation companies in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. We service customers from the private sector, government agencies and the defense industry, and our customer base is constantly growing.

Together with our dedicated team, we take pride in our long-term working relations with our clients as well as with our suppliers.

The transportation industry is extremely diverse, and the equipment and product selections are very wide. What unifies this diversity is the need for reliable and quality products. Kooly is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and service.